All-in-one digital marketing for wine and grocery shops

Kiosk - wine and craft beer recommendations; scan bottles for details

Mobile app - customers browse your inventory on their phones

Website - we build new websites or add interactive wine/beer sections to existing websites

Facebook - daily posts to your Facebook page

Twitter - several tweets a day about your store, and other fun wine/beer tweets

Email marketing - targeted emails to bring back wine and beer lovers


Delight your customers and keep bringing them back

Lots of stores sell wine and beer, but few stores provide a great experience. Hiring great staff is always the best way to connect with customers, but great staff can be hard to find, can only help one customer at a time, and some customers don't like asking for help.

The Wine Sidekick helps your customers feel comfortable trying new things, so the next time they want a Gew├╝rztraminer or Montepulciano, they know they can get it from you.

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Our wine recommendation kiosks and mobile apps for retail shops are customized with your inventory and show bottle locations with a map of your store. When you assist and educate customers, they are more confident in their purchase, feel that they are getting something valuable, buy more wine, and buy higher-priced wine.

Help customers find the perfect wine or craft beer for a meal, party, gift, and more. Highlight what's on sale this week and your most prized wines.

Grocery stores that use wine recommendation kiosks see wine sales increase by as much as 11%, according to our partner data.

See our pricing and FAQ. If you think you can sell this in your city, see our jobs page.


Our kiosks and mobile apps help establish your wine and craft beer programs as some of the best in your city in the minds of your customers. All the wines and beers in your store will seem accessible, unlike a competitor's store where customers fend for themselves among aisles of foreign and intimidating names.

Our kiosks collect customer email addresses for your newsletter, and we provide a monthly analytics report showing things like the most commonly requested wine and cheese pairings, most popular wine styles, and more.


If you keep your most expensive bottles in a locked space, our kiosk lets customers view bottle photos and descriptions your most prized bottles of Burgundy, Bordeaux, Barolo, and more. 

The above kiosk weighs nearly 45 pounds and most of that is in the baseplate, making it stable enough for a retail aisle. Some of our stores use wall-mounted kiosks, and this one attached the iPad to a TV. The video shows the kiosk in screensaver mode which activates after nobody touches it for 60 seconds.


We create a web portal for you store that lets you instantly add, edit, and remove wines from any computer in the world. As soon as you save the changes, they appear in the kiosk and mobile app. 

You can enter wine photos and descriptions manually or search our database of nearly 50,000 wines. Search for you wine, add it to your list, add your price and location, and now it's in your kiosk and mobile apps.

Customers who download your mobile app can view the bottles you load from anywhere - even from home.

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We provide a month of software for as many kiosks as you want in your store, unlimited downloads of your very own iPhone app, and unlimited phone support. The cost for all this? See our pricing.

And while our kiosks and mobile apps can stand alone to help customers when staff help is unavailable, it also helps customers gain the confidence to ask intelligent questions and feel confident so they engage more with the staff who would love to help them.

If you know a store where this would be a big help, you can help sell it to them. See our jobs page.


To learn more email [email protected], or download our consumer iPhone app.